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Review: Sistema Slimline Quaddie

The hot weather is on its way (I hope) so it’s time to start planning picnics and days out with kids  / 965especially with half term around the corner. We love a big picnic but we have a tendency to pack far too much food that ends up squashed and flattened by the end of the day. Well I have a solution for that the Sistema Slimline Quaddie.

I love this lunch box it has a large compartment at the bottom for sandwiches, pasta or salad. It then has 3 smaller compartments, one has a drinks bottle in it and the others as great for fruit and other snacks.  If you have one for each family member you can then get them to choose their own lunch and there will be less wastage.

We went on a day trip and filled our one up for BG she had pasta in the bottom, babybel in one small compartment and cumber in the other. We removed the drinks bottle and filled that compartment with grapes and we had the drinks separate. BG loved having her own lunch box.

OH uses it for work and can take quite a bit in it saving us a fortune on lunch for him. BG will be using it when she starts school in September.

We will be investing in a few more so we are prepared for our holidays. We have a long trip this year so we will need plenty of snacks to keep up going.

The Sistema Slimline Quaddie is available in several colours, its freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe.  Prices start from £4.99

Its available online from Amazon and John Lewis and in store in many supermarkets.