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The Big Reveal

I and 11 other bloggers were recently sent a Sonny Angel Doll. If you don’t know what a Sonny Angel Doll is it’s a small collectable doll and they are available in different collections such as animals and vegetables.

The exciting thing about Sonny Angel dolls is that you buy them blind; you don’t know which one you are going to get it’s a big surprise. Sometimes there is a limited edition one and collectors go crazy for them.

I was sent one from the new flower range by Asobi Toys and we all opened our dolls at the same time on twitter. I got…..

Sonny Angel Flower Series Catcus


It is really cute and now sits on my window sill in my office. BG keeps trying to steal it from me!

Sonny Angel Dolls are available from Kind Toys and if you want to see what the others got check out the #thebigreveal on twitter.