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Review: La La Beads Teething Necklace

I had breast fed baby number 1 so I always knew I was going to breast feed baby number 2. The biggest issue once having a baby is what to wear over your post baby body, for me it’s always about being breast feeding accessible. To me this means a stretchy vest that pulls down with some sort of top or cover over the top. This doesn’t give you much scope when trying to wear any form of jewellery. Especially as there’s always a little hand around your neck destined to pull at whatever is there.

Well that was until I was sent a beautiful necklace called Bubble Citron from Lala Beads. This necklace is really funky, a great colour and is a teething necklace.


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So it’s designed with little hands (and gums) in mind as well as hitting fashion trends. It’s made form 100% Food Grade Silicon, the same material used for teething toys and is easily cleaned with soap and water and can also go in the dishwasher. The best part is it is completely durable and looks fab when being worn just over a t-shirt or jumper. I love wearing this necklace, and my daughter loves playing with it too whilst feeding. My daughter is now coming up 6 months and is starting to teeth so is putting absolutely anything she can find in her mouth, she absolutely loves chewing on the necklace and I can look good at the same time.

The necklaces can be found at www.lalabeeds.com. There are 3 different designs of necklaces; bubble, pearl and spice. All come in a cool funky colour and all priced at £15 – which is such a great price for a great piece of jewellery.

Find La La Beads on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Sponsored Post: My Top Tips On Coping with Teething

Teething is horrible time for both baby and mother. BG really suffered when she was teething she would be in a lot of pain and often get nappy rash. Little Miss doesn’t seem to suffer as badly as BG but she still gets really grumpy and it can affect her sleep.

I found several different things can ease the pain for the girls so I thought I would share my top tips:

Teething Toys

Thumb In

Invest in a few good teething toys. A mixture of ones that can be put in the fridge and the ones that are texture so they can have a good chew.  I can tell when Little Miss is teething as she sucks her thumb more and chews her fingers.

The Freezer is Your Friend

Put a damp flannel in the freezer and then let your child chew on that, it really helps sooth the gums. For older children put those yogurt tubes in the freezer, a yummy treat and something to soothe at the same time. Alternately make smoothie ice lollies.

Hard Food

When BG was teething a friend told me to give her toasted crusts the roughness helps the tooth cut through. It really helps. We also use bread sticks and crackers.

Homeopathic Remedies

I used teething powders with both the girls and I found that it really calmed them downed and eased the pain. You can now get a homeopathic teething solution called Camilia It comes in single dose packaging so it’s easy to give to baby on the go.  Camilia treats infant teething pains as well as the related symptoms; crotchety behaviour, swollen gums, sore bottoms, red cheeks and profuse salivation, thanks to its exclusive formula, which combines three natural substances: Chamomilla vulgaris9c, Phytolacca decandra 5c and Rheum 5c with purified water. Camilia contains no lactose, no alcohol, no artificial flavour and no preservatives

Camillia UK pack 34G 300dpi


I find a good cuddle and snuggle can help calm baby down and help. Nothing beats cuddles!

What do you use to help with teething?

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Teething Help from Munchkin

We have hit teething in this house. Thankfully Little Miss doesn’t seem to be struggling as bad as BG did but she is still a bit grumpy. She wants to chew on things constantly including my finger which was fine until her first tooth came through and now she just bites me.

Munchkin kindly sent me Little Miss some of their teething range to chomp on.

She was sent:




Fun Ice ™ Ring Teether

This is brilliant just pop it in the fridge to cool it down. The coldness and textures really help with the pain. Little Miss loves to chew on this.

Twisty™ Barbell Teether

Little Miss likes this one the most, even though she does hit herself on the end with it! She is fascinated with the rings on it and keeps trying to get the ends in her mouth.

Twisty™ Figure 8 Teether

BG keeps nicking this one! She likes twisting around and making it into a figure 8. Little Miss has worked this out yet but loves to chew on the different textures.

Munchkin has a good range of teething toys and they are all BPA free.  They also have a range of feeding products (I have my eye on a suction bowl), bath toys, cups and baby care products.

Boots Teething Products

Boots Teething Products – Teething Gel, Cooling Soothers

Price:  £1.59/15g and  £2.54 (for 2)

Available from:  Boots

Suitable from:  3+months for the gel, and 6+months for the soothers.

Initial Reaction:   I received two packs of cooling soothers, each pack containing 2. Cute shapes and colours. Continue reading

Sophie the Giraffe

Price: Around £12
Available from:  Kiddicare, NCT, JoJoMaman Bebe,John Lewis, Mothercare, ELC, Amazon
Suitable from:   Birth
Initial Reaction: Cute looking giraffe. Very soft and squidgy.
  • Natural Rubber is soft, safe & non-toxic for baby to teethe & chew.
  • Painted with non-toxic, food-grade paints
  • Lightweight & easy to grasp for tiny hand
  • Bumpy head helps soothe sore, teething gums
  • Phthalate-Free with NO Vinyl
  • Squeak is very loud
Value for money? A little bit on the pricey side for a teether.
Overall Reaction:  Sophie is very cute and my baby loved her. She’s very easy to hold and he particularly enjoys biting on the legs. She’s made of very soft natural rubber and I was surprised to feel how soft she was as most teething toys are quite hard. Even though we found the squeak a bit annoying Brandon loves to hear it.
By Sarah

GumiGem Teething Necklace

Gumigem Teething Necklace
Price: £12.50
Available from: www.gumigem.co.uk
Suitable from:  Birth
Initial Reaction: Larger than I thought it would be. Loved the little bag it came in.
  • Just the right size for little baby hands to hold on to.
  • Lovely & Soft
  • Nice length
  • Lots of choice of colours


  • Could teach baby that it’s ok to bite on any necklace

Value for money? Good

Overall Reaction: I’ve always worn a necklace, not even taking it off at bedtime, but when Brandon decided to start pulling on it I had to take it off. My neck has felt bare since, so when I was asked to review this item I was so pleased. I was even happier when I saw the choices of pretty necklaces to choose from. It took me ages to pick one. I loved them all.

The Gumigem is fortunately very resilient, as B had a whale of a time pulling on it and it didn’t break. I had a little bite of the necklace, just for review purposes obviously and it’s quite nice to bite lol (will have to keep it out of my mouth). It’s lovely and soft to chew on. However, B hasn’t really bitten on it, he just seems content to hold onto it when I’m feeding him. The heart shape is the perfect shape for his little hand to hold.

Overall  I absolutely love this necklace and would wear it whether I had a baby or not.