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Review: Horrible Science Violent Volcano Kit from Hobby Craft

A few weeks ago Hobby Craft sent us a Horrible Science Violent Volcano Kit £6 to test out. Today was the first day of the half term and wet so it was the perfect time to try it out.

The kit contains a plastic volcano model, bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, goggles and mini card stand ups.

You are encouraged to build a village scene around the Volcano with soil and twigs but it was too wet to go out so we just did it in a tray with the card stand ups but next time we do it we will do it properly.

It’s easy to create. You screw off the top of the volcano add the vinegar and add the bicarb before quickly screwing the top back on. I wasn’t so fast as you can see.


BG was very impressed with the ‘explosion’. I would have liked the Volcano top to be a little bigger as it was tricky to get the bircarb in without it spilling. However it was a nice way to spend 15 minutes. The Volcano is reusable so next time we make a big scene around it.

The kit also comes with facts about volcano’s which BG found interesting.

A nice little kit would make a good present.

Hobby Craft have a great selection of craft products and kits and some great Halloween crafts bits.