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#Review – Weight-Away Diet: Week 5

This week has been a tough one. The hot weather has made me lazy and I have struggled with soup for lunch. We had a family treat night in Thursday and as usual I went too far and ate too much.

I tried to mix it up again this week and started having fat free yogurt with my granola and muesli’s which is really yummy, it’s been a bit hot for porridge.


I shall be having lots of salads with my dinners this week!

Even though I have been a bit naughty this week I have had a loss. I now weigh….

15st 12lbs

That’s a 1lb loss and 1 stone loss overall so I am happy with that. Going to try and stay on the plan this week.

I took this picture of me today and I now have a smaller waist and no longer look 6 months pregnant in this dress.

Me Week 5

People have noticed I have lost weight so that makes me happy and motivated to keep going.

Let’s hope I have a good loss this week.