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#Review Weight-Away Diet: Weeks 7 & 8

I know, I know! It’s been two weeks since my last post things are getting busy this end now school is out for the summer. I have been pretty good and stuck to the Weight- Away diet for the most part; a few extra squares of chocolate may have slipped past my lips.

I can really see a huge difference in my stomach now which makes me really happy and the trousers I am currently wearing now swamp me (good excuse for new clothes).

The summer holidays are now upon us which means days out for us. I am planning to do picnics when we can so I can pack my own food and stay on track. Being out also means more exercise so I am hoping that will counter balance any ice cream calories I might consume J

If you have any low calorie meals or snacks let me know.

Ok for the big weigh in, I did weigh myself both weeks I just forgot to blog last week.

I now weigh…….

15 Stone 9lbs!

That’s a 2lbs loss over the last two weeks and 1 stone 3lbs overall. I am more than happy with that, a 1lb a week is what I am aiming for.

1lb is a bag of sugar which when you hold one is quite a lot.

Bring on next week!



#Review – Weight-Away Diet: Week 6

Sorry this is late; it’s been one of those weeks.  I can’t believe I have done 6 weeks on the Weight-Away diet already!

The food is still really yummy but the heat is getting to me and I am going off soup for lunch. I am eating lots of fruit and salad to help me along. I may have to freeze some grapes this week!

Ok are ready for it? Drum roll………..

I now weigh

15stone 11lbs

That’s another 1lb off and 1stone 1lb off in total. I do feel better for it, I walk a little bit faster and my trousers are falling down!

Here’s hoping it’s another loss this week.

#Review – Weight-Away Diet: Week 5

This week has been a tough one. The hot weather has made me lazy and I have struggled with soup for lunch. We had a family treat night in Thursday and as usual I went too far and ate too much.

I tried to mix it up again this week and started having fat free yogurt with my granola and muesli’s which is really yummy, it’s been a bit hot for porridge.


I shall be having lots of salads with my dinners this week!

Even though I have been a bit naughty this week I have had a loss. I now weigh….

15st 12lbs

That’s a 1lb loss and 1 stone loss overall so I am happy with that. Going to try and stay on the plan this week.

I took this picture of me today and I now have a smaller waist and no longer look 6 months pregnant in this dress.

Me Week 5

People have noticed I have lost weight so that makes me happy and motivated to keep going.

Let’s hope I have a good loss this week.



Weight-Away Diet: Week 4


I have a really good week on the Weight-Away Diet  this week. I stuck to the diet 100% and really upped my steps. I did 58,366 steps I am aiming for 70,000 this week.

I have started to switch my food about and have mains for lunch and the soups for tea just to vary what I am eating. I bought some 1 can spray oil so I can have roasted veg and make potato wedges instead of a jacket potato.

I can really see that I have lost weight this week, my stomach is much smaller than it was. I no longer look pregnant.

Right down to business you just want to see my weigh in results. Well I now weigh……..

15 stone 13 lbs 

That’s a 6lb loss this week and 13lbs over all! I am really chuffed I am now under 16 stone and have almost lost 1 stone. My next hamper of food arrived Saturday so here goes month 2!

Weight-Away Diet: Weeks 2 & 3

Though it’s been almost 4 weeks since I started Weight-Away I was away on holiday for one of those weeks so I am counting my diet as 3 weeks.

Week two wasn’t a full week as I had initially started my diet on a Wednesday and we went away on the Sunday. Half way on our journey I had realised that I had not weighed myself so I don’t know how much I lost that week. I weighed myself when I returned and had gained 2lbs since my last weigh in.

I tried so hard when I was away to be good but I could resist the food on offer. It was buffet and I just went crazy with the food. I am thankful that I only gained 2lbs it could have been worse.

We got back on the Saturday afternoon and I was back on Weight-Away Sunday morning raring to go. I had a few days out, two that wasn’t expected but I tried where possible to go for the heather option. I had a slip up on Thursday I let myself get so hungry I went to the nearest supermarket and inhaled a sausage roll for lunch. I felt so bad afterwards and when I got to Kings Cross Station and found myself still hungry and spent time looking for a better option to fill me up. Thankfully I wasn’t over my 1500 calories that day.

My biggest challenge this past week is been making the food exciting to eat. The food is really delicious but as I am fussy I am having the same meals over and over again. So I have been experimenting with different veg’s and breads which is helping.  I have been adding to home grown herbs to my meals and gives them a nice freshness.

Weight-Away Food Week 2and3

Weight-Away kindly sent me a Fitbit to track my activity so I am trying to make sure I do 10,000 steps a day!

Ok time for the weigh in, today I weigh………

16 stone 5lbs

That’s a 3lb lost this week, which means I have lost what I had gained and a bit extra so a 7lb lost over all!

That’s ½ a stone!!! I am really happy with that.

I will let you know my progress next week.


Weight- Away Diet: Week 1

I have done my first full week on the Weight-Away diet and to be honest it’s been pretty easy.  The first few days I felt quite hungry but I think that was more of mental thing as I ate well and regularly.

The food is really nice there was only a few things I didn’t like; the Apple and Cinnamon Rice, the salted popcorn and the sour cream potato bakes. So I substituted my snacks for something of equal calorie content. However the sweet popcorn is really good and just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

As I am on the 1500 calorie diet I get to add 75g of wholemeal bread to my lunch and 125g of cooked pasta or rice or a small jacket potato to my dinner plus veggies and a piece of fruit with my breakfast.  I also get a 400ml milk allowance but most days use about 300ml

I had three meals a day plus two snacks one of which was a banana and some almonds or brazil nuts and the other a weightaway snack or one of my substitutes.

This is what I ate this week:


Oatmeal with Apple & Banana plus an Apple

Butternut Sweet Potato Soup and 75g Wholemeal roll

Beef in Ale with carrot and onion, jacket potato, green beans and broccoli.


Oatmeal with Caramel plus an apple

Pea and Ham Soup and a 75g Wholemeal roll

Salmon and Pea Risotto, Baby Sweet corn and broccoli


Original Granola Crunch and fresh pineapple

Tomato and Basil Soup and a 75g Wholemeal roll

Pork in Honey and Mustard, rice, green beans and baby sweet corn


Apple and Cinnamon Rice and a Banana (I then swapped the rice for an alternative cereal)

Chunky Veg Soup and a 75g Wholemeal roll

Lancashire Hotpot, Baked Potato and peas.


Tropical Muesli and a banana

Butternut Sweet Potato Soup and 75g Wholemeal roll

Beef Meatballs, pasta and salad


Oatmeal and Strawberries and an apple

Pea and Ham Soup and a 75g Wholemeal roll

Wild Mushroom Risotto, cauliflower, carrots and green beans


Oatmeal and Plum and an apple

Tomato and Basil Soup and a 75g Wholemeal roll

Salmon in Spinach & Tomato, Rice, sweet corn, broccoli and carrots.

weightaway food week1

My favorites so far are the Granola and the Mushroom Risotto they are so good!

Ok weigh in time. I was really shocked when I weighed myself this morning that I actually went to Boots after dropping BG off and weighed myself there but they were correct.

Last Wednesday I was *whispers* 16st 12lbs. Today I am…..


Yes that’s right I have lost 6lbs this week! I know the first week of a diet generally sees a large weight loss on previous diets I have lost 4lb in my first weeks but this huge. I am expecting this to steady out and will probably lose 1 -2lbs a week going forward.

It just goes to show how much food I was eating before to have such a huge weight loss. The 5k Race for Life on Sunday helped as well.

I feel better already, have much more energy. For the first time in a long time I am actually having my 5 a day and drinking plenty of water. I have also had two portions of fish this week which is unheard of!

This week I will only be doing the Weight- Away  plan until Saturday as Sunday I go on holiday. I will be trying my best to eat well when I am away but there might be a few treats! I will try and do a weigh in Sunday morning before we go but if not I will do a weigh in when I get back.

Weight- Away  are doing a special offer at the moment buy one get one free on the monthly hampers, see the website for more details.




The Diet Starts Tomorrow. No It Really Does!

Tomorrow I start the Weight Away diet. It’s calorie-controlled, nutritionally-balanced and portioned controlled diet. Meals are delivered to you and you just add fruit, veg etc.

You can order 7 days, 28 days or a 3 month hamper and you get breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a snack for every day.

I was sent a small sample to try to make sure I liked to the food before I started and it’s really nice. I’m quite fussy so after I gave a list of what I don’t like there was still quite a bit left.  I have also spoken Rachell Hipkiss who is the head of nutrition and discussed the diet and my needs.

I will be starting on the 1500 calorie a day diet and then possibly moving to the 1200 calorie in a few weeks’ time.

The Weight Away diet really appeals to me as all the hard work is done for me. With a four year old and four month old baby time is at a premium and I don’t always get the chance to plan proper meals for myself and end up eating meals that are far larger than they should be.

I have a lot of weight to lose, in all honestly about 6 stone. Yes some of it from having a baby but I was overweight before I fell pregnant. I am not expecting miracles and this is not a long term solution but I am hoping that this will teach me better portion control and as the weight comes off I will feel motivated to carry on eating well.

fat me


I am aiming to lose 1-2lbs a week.

I will be writing a Weight Away diary and letting you all know how it’s going and what the diet is like.  I have planned my meals for the week making sure I have something different everyday so I don’t get bored.

Wish me luck the diet starts tomorrow!