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#Review – Weight-Away Diet: Week 6

Sorry this is late; it’s been one of those weeks.  I can’t believe I have done 6 weeks on the Weight-Away diet already!

The food is still really yummy but the heat is getting to me and I am going off soup for lunch. I am eating lots of fruit and salad to help me along. I may have to freeze some grapes this week!

Ok are ready for it? Drum roll………..

I now weigh

15stone 11lbs

That’s another 1lb off and 1stone 1lb off in total. I do feel better for it, I walk a little bit faster and my trousers are falling down!

Here’s hoping it’s another loss this week.

Weight-Away Diet: Week 4


I have a really good week on the Weight-Away Diet  this week. I stuck to the diet 100% and really upped my steps. I did 58,366 steps I am aiming for 70,000 this week.

I have started to switch my food about and have mains for lunch and the soups for tea just to vary what I am eating. I bought some 1 can spray oil so I can have roasted veg and make potato wedges instead of a jacket potato.

I can really see that I have lost weight this week, my stomach is much smaller than it was. I no longer look pregnant.

Right down to business you just want to see my weigh in results. Well I now weigh……..

15 stone 13 lbs 

That’s a 6lb loss this week and 13lbs over all! I am really chuffed I am now under 16 stone and have almost lost 1 stone. My next hamper of food arrived Saturday so here goes month 2!

The Diet Starts Tomorrow. No It Really Does!

Tomorrow I start the Weight Away diet. It’s calorie-controlled, nutritionally-balanced and portioned controlled diet. Meals are delivered to you and you just add fruit, veg etc.

You can order 7 days, 28 days or a 3 month hamper and you get breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a snack for every day.

I was sent a small sample to try to make sure I liked to the food before I started and it’s really nice. I’m quite fussy so after I gave a list of what I don’t like there was still quite a bit left.  I have also spoken Rachell Hipkiss who is the head of nutrition and discussed the diet and my needs.

I will be starting on the 1500 calorie a day diet and then possibly moving to the 1200 calorie in a few weeks’ time.

The Weight Away diet really appeals to me as all the hard work is done for me. With a four year old and four month old baby time is at a premium and I don’t always get the chance to plan proper meals for myself and end up eating meals that are far larger than they should be.

I have a lot of weight to lose, in all honestly about 6 stone. Yes some of it from having a baby but I was overweight before I fell pregnant. I am not expecting miracles and this is not a long term solution but I am hoping that this will teach me better portion control and as the weight comes off I will feel motivated to carry on eating well.

fat me


I am aiming to lose 1-2lbs a week.

I will be writing a Weight Away diary and letting you all know how it’s going and what the diet is like.  I have planned my meals for the week making sure I have something different everyday so I don’t get bored.

Wish me luck the diet starts tomorrow!