Pampers Baby-dry Nappies and Golden Sleep Routines

Pampers Baby-dry Nappies Size 4 and Golden Sleep Routine
Price:    £9.99/56 – Sleep routine is free from Pampers website.
Available from: All leading supermarkets, chemists and Amazon
Suitable from:   Sizes start from birth.
Initial Reaction:Nappies were very thin and felt nice and soft.
  • Not bulky
  • Extra absorbent zones
  • 12 hours of dryness
  • Soft feeling
  • None
Value for money?Excellent

Overall Reaction: Whenever I think about disposable nappies Pampers is probably the one that first comes to mind. I think the reason for that is that Pampers have been a well known brand for years, due to their reliability.

I was kindly sent the nappies to trial alongside their Golden Sleep Routine. As we’d been having great difficulties with sleep for a couple of weeks I was looking forward to trying them out.  The nappies arrived and I was directed to the website for the sleep routine.

The nappies are lovely and soft feeling, almost like cotton. They were very absorbent and we had no leaks at all.
I joined the Pampers website and read all about the sleep routine. There are different soothology routines to follow, depending on the age of your baby.  I started off by putting Brandon to sleep in his cot awake, as previously I would breast-feed him to sleep.

Half-way through the trial we started having problems with Brandon teething and waking every 1-2 hours every night. I would fetch him out of his cot and breast feed him and then put him back when he was asleep.  I was fortunate enough to speak to the lovely Wendy Dean at Pampers when she was taking part in a Twitter chat last week , and was able to ask her advice. She suggested that he didn’t need feeding if he was getting enough to eat in the daytime and that we should not fetch him out of his cot. With trepidation I decided to follow her advice on a Friday night (when we didn’t have to go anywhere the next day).  He woke once and instead of fetching him out of his cot and feeding him I put his mobile on and he went back to sleep.  We did this for a couple of days and I also added another meal in the daytime and (touch wood) Brandon has started sleep all the way through for around 10 hours.

Amazingly the nappies are still lasting through all this sleep as well.

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