Creative Kite Kit

Price: £7.95
Available from: Handpicked Collection
Suitable from: 6 yrs plus 

Initial Reaction: This is a ‘decorate your own’ kite kit, and looked to me like the perfect ‘dad’ activity for my daughter and her dad to do together.  Generally crafty sessions are done by me, but he was keen to get involved with this one.

  • Everything is included in the kit – right down to the colouring crayons, so it’s a perfect ‘self contained activity’.
  • A lot of ‘bang for your buck’ as they say! From making and decorating the kite to flying it, this kit provided hours of entertainment, and will continue to do so.
  • Good value for money.
  • Sturdy kite, which held it’s own on the downs with all the professional kites.
  • For older kids (and geeky dads!) it also includes lots of scientific facts and flying information.
  • I think this would make a great Father’s Day activity, lots of quality time.
  • The crayons were not very bright (or perhaps our daughter didn’t press hard enough), but it just meant it wasn’t easy to see the decoration once it was up in the air.
  • ‘Daddy’ struggled a bit with the construction instructions – even though he’s a good 30 years older than the suggested age range!
Value for money? Yes.
Overall Reaction: This was a really enjoyable activity from start to finish.  Our daughter was very proud of her kite and couldn’t wait to take it flying.  Brookite make a whole range of other kits and ready-built kites, which are well worth a look – there are some real eye-catchers on their site.

By Liz

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