Sarah Smith Moo Ultra Absorbent Cleaning Cloths

Sarah Smith Moo Ultra Absorbent Cleaning Cloths
Price: £2.04 currently, for a pack for 4, from Tesco & Ocado
Available from:  Amazon, Homebase, Ocado, Poundland, Sainsburys, Tesco, Waitrose

Initial Reaction:  Very pretty, I thought, and thin.  I bet they won’t last five minutes!

Pros:  A very pretty cleaning cloth, durable, surprisingly absorbent and easy to wring.  For years I have stuck to using an old fashioned cloth but these perform amazingly well, so I may have to switch.  It’s a family joke that I can’t wring my cloths out, and leave a trail of water everywhere, but these cloths were as easy to squeeze dry as they are brilliant at absorption.  I have been quite amazed actually.  Sarah Smith also sells a complimentary range of cleaning accessories including aprons, scourers, bags and tea towels.

Cons: The packet states that you shouldn’t bleach them.  However, I do like to bleach my cloths so I experimented, and nothing untoward happened when I soaked them overnight in a weak bleach solution.

Value for money? They do cost more than I usually pay (56p per cloth), but it would be worth a trip to poundland, to save.

Overall Reaction: I have been using these cloths now for almost a month and while they show some wear and tear, there is plenty of life left in them. They look slightly less pristine but they show no signs of getting holes in them and they still absorb just as well as their first use.

The packet states that you can wash them at 40 degrees which I have done (well, higher, on one occasion).  They don’t tend to pick up smells like my old fashioned cloths, and they dry a lot more easily too, thus presumably harbouring less bacteria.  As a coincidence, I was also sent some rival cloths, as a sample, and Sarah Smith way outperformed those.

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