BT Digital Baby Monitor 250

BT Digital Baby Monitor 250
Price: £71.48 from Boots, found for £50 lowest price
Available from: All good baby stores
Initial Reaction: Very technical looking compared to our current baby monitor and simple to fit together.
Pros: Very easy to set up, looks great and battery lasts for over the sixteen houtrs stated after charging. It’s really portable and very easy to use. The music for bedtime is really nice as is the dimming light. Thermometer so you can tell the temperature of the room.
Cons: unlike the monitor we have now I couldn’t hear baby breathe but saying this the sound is crystal clear so it may be that my daughters age means her breath isn’t as rapid.

Value for money? This is good value for money although compared to another monitors at this price it doesn’t come with a movement mat.
Overall Reaction: This monitor is really great for 6 months plus so if you’ve had baby sleep in your room for the forst 6 months and never had a need for a movement monitor this one is great. The fact that is so portable (a travel bag is provided) and the rechargable battery last so long is a huge hit for me as a parent of a toddler.

By Chelle

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