EllePure Labour Support Massage Oil

Product: EllePure Labour Support Massage Oil
Price: £10.00 incl VAT plus Delivery
Suitable from: Last few days leading up to the birth and when in labour
Initial Reaction: Excited about a product that I could use during Labour which could help me to relax naturally.

  • Contains Jasmine, Lime and Geranium which helps to prepare the body for birth and labour
  • It’s relaxing
  • Helps calm your mind
  • It’s non greasy
  • Smells lovely
  • Only downside is the glass bottle. As much as this wasn’t greasy any form of oil is going to be a little bit slippery.
Value for money? Very good value for money as the oil does go very far when only using a small amount.

Overall Reaction: I thought that I would have lots of time between contractions to use this product in reality this didn’t quite happen. I managed to use it the once and then didn’t want the fuss whilst I was trying to concentrate on my breathing. I would recommend this to anyone to try; it just turned out it wasn’t right for me and my labour. If it is anything like the pregnancy massage oil then this will be a big hit.
By Vicky

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