Humf App for iPhone

Humph app for iphone

Available from: itunes store

Price: £1.79

Suitable from :4+

Initial Reaction: Humph is an app for my iphone which contains 9 mini games. The games are va
ried such as a driving game, colouring game, matching game, building game so there really is a lot to do within one app. My sons both enjoyed this game despite the recommended age my 2 year old seems to enjoy it also. They have asked to play on it a lot and it holds their attention for ages which is brilliant when your in a situation (doctors, restaurant) where your little ones might get bored.

Pro’s : Ente
rtaining and educational as the boys can learn colours, and shape recognition and probably many other things from the games

Cons: It means the boys are on my phone when I want to be on twitter lol !

Value for money: Excellent value for money , a small amount for an app with many games as you would pay this for a one game app.

Overall Reaction : A welcome addition to my iphone games for children , fun , educational, and nice to look at.

By Ella

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