Biotherm Skin Ergentic Serum and Skin Ergentic Anti-Fatigue Cream

Biotherm Skin Ergentic  Serum and Skin Ergentic Anti-Fatigue Cream

For 2011, Biotherm aim to combat that by introducing SKIN.ERGETIC: a range of three products designed specifically for fatigued skin and using the ultimate in fresh skincare ingredients.  In SKIN.ERGETIC, Biotherm has invented Fresh Skincare. This technology makes it possible to activate the freshest ingredients at the very last minute meaning they are able to:
  • Use active ingredients that are fragile but powerful, ingredients which are more difficult to use because they are highly unstable.
  • Combine active ingredients in new and unprecedented ways.
  • Use higher concentrations of these active ingredients
  • Greatly increase the formula’s effectiveness.

Price: RRP £37.70 and £33.70
Available from: Biotherm, Boots
Initial Reaction:  I’m quite fussy when it comes to skin care as I have combination skin but the oily bits get really oily. I was keen to try this out to see if it made any difference. I had to activate the serum which was new to me!

  • My skin felt really awake after putting the serum on
  • Skin was less oily
  • Uses active ingredients
  • Only need a small amount
  • Day cream went on smoothly
  • Smells nice
  • My skin didn’t look any different
  • Day cream can be a bit heavy
  • Serum can only be used for 3 months
Value for money? It is expensive, especially if you use both the serum and cream.

Overall Reaction :

I like the feel of the serum, my skin felt different even if it didn’t look any different. I found if I just used the serum or wore under my usual skin cream my skin didn’t get so oily which was a bonus.

The face cream went on really nice but was a bit heavy for skin and left it feel a little oily.

I would consider buying the serum but probably not the face cream.

By Carol

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