Buggy Tug

Product: Buggy Tug
Price: £3.99 – £5
Available from: Buggy Tug, Baby Loves Shopping and more

Initial Reaction: My pushchair already has one of these so I know how good they are, however the one on ours is really long and can get in the way and tangled up so this was a perfect alternative to something I am already familiar with.

Firstly it is very comfortable to wear in fact unless you need that hand for something you don’t even notice you have it on.  It is a safety feature that all pushchairs should have, I certainly wouldn’t be without it going up and down the steep hills around where I live.

The Buggy Tug ensures that if for any reason whether it is a lapse in concentration or if you fall over that you pushchair doesn’t roll away.
Compared to the one I already have on my pushchair it is much shorter which means you can’t get it tangled up or trip up it, it also means that you have less distance for the pushchair to roll.

Obviously this is about safety and this was also a pro but the shortness of it does limit what you can do quickly with that hand, for example if you have another child with you and they won’t let go of your hand you have to take the other one out of the strap before you can do anything.

The box also states that it is only suitable for single handle or bar prams/buggies, although I am sure you could use it on a two handled pushchair there is obviously a possibility it may slip off the handle, this makes it somewhat limited as not all pushchairs have a single handle.

Value for money? Yes, the cost of the Buggy Tug is nothing in comparison the safety it offers you when pushing your child near busy roads.

Overall Reaction: The Buggy Tug is a wrist strap for your pram that prevents it from rolling away, some 3 wheelers already come with them. You only need to watch the two awful train incidents that happened in Australia to know why you would need one. It is added security to know that should the unthinkable happen your child will be safely attached to you and cannot roll away and for such a small price too. I cannot rate these enough and if they could somehow make them safe for two handled pushchairs that would be great too.

By Ellie

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