Robe-Around Towel from Sporty Bump

Robe-Around Towel

Price: £20.00

Available from: Sporty Bump and other stockists

Suitable for: pregnant women

Initial Reaction: Great idea, especially for women that still go to the gym or swimming pool during pregnancy.

Pros: The towel wraps around the whole body without falling off when you move. It also covers up all those body parts you don’t want anyone else to see and is made of really thick material so it drys your skin really well.

Cons: Even after machine washing the towel I was covered in fluff after every use but that might change after a few more washes. Unfortunately, the towel is only available in one colour.

Value for money: Average

Overall reaction: The robe-around towel from Sporty Bump comes with a velcro-strip at the top that allows you to simply fasten the towel around your body without having to tuck it in and without having to be afraid that it may open and fall down in the most unsuitable situation. The towel is made from a really thick material, therefore it drys your skin really quickly. Unfortunately, the robe-around only comes in black and did leave a slight film of fluff on my body. I hope that this might change after some more washes, because I really like the idea behind the towel and I definitely want to take it into hospital with me when I am giving birth.

by Carolin

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