Amy’s Kitchen Vegetarian and Gluten Free Range

Amy’s Kitchen Vegetarian and Gluten Free Range

Amy’s Kitchen was actually set up in the US by parents Rachel and Andy Berliner who, before they had their daughter Amy grew their own vegetables and spent a lot of time preparing home cooked meals.  As you can understand when their daughter arrived all of this was thrown out of the window and time was of the essence when their daughter needed feeding.  This is why they set up Amy’s Kitchen so that other families who were looking for delicious home cooked food, without the hassle could buy it.

Price: Ranging from £1.99 – £3.00 depending on the product.

Available from: Check online for local stockists. We sourced ours at our local Asda.

Suitable From: All ages Adults and Children

Initial Reaction: I was a bit sceptical about anything that’s gluten free as in my experience gluten free can mean taste free and a bit grainy. We tried the ‘Rice Mac and Cheese’ and the ‘Bean and Cheese Burrito’.

Pros: Worry Free fast meals for Mums with kiddies with food allergies or vegetarians. Certainly not scrimped on taste or ingredients. Easy to prepare as microwaveable. Portion sizes are perfect.

Cons: Some may think they are slightly expensive for what you get but when you taste the product and have the peace of mind that it is free from all the nasties, any allergy causing ingredients in the gluten free range and meat in the vegetarian  range.

Value for money: slightly pricier but worth it for taste and quality.

Overall reaction:  I don’t do ready meals. Not ever. It’s a standing joke in our house if people talk about them to me. I like to know what’s in everything we eat and no matter how well made they usually are they often contain artificial flavourings or colourings somewhere or the horrid powdered onion taste that stays with you all day.

When I was asked to try out the ‘Amys Kitchen’ range of frozen meals I was slightly sceptical shall we say. As they are fairly new to the UK I had to search around a bit to get the products and at first thought they were a bit over priced but seeing as the only ones I could find were the Gluten Free range I did expect to pay slightly more for them.

When we got them home ,however and tried them out I was amazed. They truly are something special. They only contain the ingredients you would use to make them at home and they don’t scrimp on flavour or quality. There is no surprise additives or low standard ingredients, all organic and Gluten free really does mean that.  Caleb and I both tried each product and even though neither or us sticks to gluten free diet I really couldn’t have told the difference. Especially with the Mac and Cheese. It tasted lovely and he ate the whole bowl to himself and when checking the ingredients it only contained rice flour, rice pasta, cheddar cheese, milk and sea salt. I couldn’t have made it better myself. It’s definitely a frozen food range I would buy again for ease and the quality is second to none in my opinion.

If you have kids who require any special diets or are vegetarian and look for a frozen ready meal range that can help with your busy schedule this is the one for you. I’m sure it will do very well in the UK and will be widely available in no time. You can check the website for details of local stockists.

By Julie


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