NAKD ‘Nudie’ Bars

NAKD ‘Nudie’ Bars

Price: 75p each, £2.39/four

Available from: Supermarkets, online

Suitable from: around 1 yr

Initial Reaction: I admit I was slightly sceptical about these ‘Nakd’ bars. I don’t like ‘text speak’ and silly modern spellings, so I was being my usual grumpy self: “Why don’t they just call them Naked?!”. But hey, they’re the experts. 😉

The bars are packed full of great stuff: 100% natural ingredients, with no added sugars or syrups. None of my family have a problem with gluten, wheat or dairy, but if they did, Nakd bars would be ok. The ingredients are listed very clearly, and they’re basically all made of fruit (mostly dates) with finely chopped nuts.

We like to take snacks or picnics out and about, and I’m terrible for finding a battered apple or clementine at the bottom of my handbag. These looked ideal to quickly grab for a day out.

Pros: The chocolate one was lovely, with a rich cocoa smell. I shared it with my two-year-old and he really liked it. He’s been a bit funny about food with ‘bits in’ lately (he won’t eat grapes ay more after seeing ‘green bits’ inside) and I was worried that the pieces of nut might put him off, but he was fine. The nuts are chopped up very small and the texture is quite smooth – which is great for kids as whole nuts can be a safety risk; Nakd bars are a nice way for them to get the benefits of a nutty snack without that worry.

I shared the ‘Berry Delight’ with my one-year-old. He’s been feeding himself since six months so was perfectly happy to pick up and eat bits of this. He didn’t have a lot, but that was fine as I had the rest!

Cons: Personally I really didn’t like the Gingerbread flavour – the ginger and cloves were too strong for me. But (surprisingly) my two-year-old liked it.

My one-year-old found them a bit chewy, I think, although probably he would soon have got the hang of it.

These bars are suitable for kids, but they’re designed for adults. Each bar is the equivalent of one of an adult’s five-a-day – so for a toddler, that’s a lot of dates! It would be nice to see a ‘lunchbox’ version that was around half the size for a child’s portion.

Value for money? I think these are good value for money, especially in the four-pack size. They’re not cheap, but these days a Mars bar can cost 60p and a Nakd bar is a lot better for you! Considering that they’re made of raw, natural ingredients, I think they’re worth paying for.

Overall Reaction: I really liked these, and have just added some to my online grocery shopping. They’re too expensive for our household to eat every day, but as part of a picnic or for a snack on a day out, they’re ideal.


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