PaperJamz Guitar

ProductPaperJamz Guitar
Available from: Amazon, Argos Toys R Us
Suitable from: 8+ (although my daughter is 6 and still had fun with it)

Initial Reaction:
This looks very cool and the fact that it was pink made the initial reaction of ‘oh, aren’t guitars for boys’ totally obsolete!  As soon as we ripped open the packaging we were playing with it. 

Very easy to make a sound and therefore get a happy response from a child!  Good and substantial, didn’t feel too flimsy.  The instructions were straight forward and the choice of demo, freeplay and pre-recorded songs means that there is lots to do from the off. 
It is fairly easy to hold too, even with little hands and arms which makes it comfortable to play with.

The ‘strings’ are strummed to make a noise and there is a great feeling of satisfaction when guitar riffs are ‘played’.  We also liked the fact that it was very responsive so a gentle strum produced a noise as did a great big swipe of the hand.
It doesn’t seem to have captured her attention as much as I thought – she’ll play for about 5 minutes and then give up.  Bear in mind that the manufacturers say that it’s for 8+ and I think they are absolutely right.

Value for money?Very good

Overall ReactionA great toy but I would wait until your child is 8 before buying unless they are already very musical and understand about notes, how music is put together and what sounds good.

By Sarah

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