Meccano Build & Play

Meccano Build and Play Buggy and Micro Build and Play Helicopter

Price: RRP £17.99 and £7.40

Available from: Amazon and other Stockists

Suitable from: 5 to 8 years

Initial Reaction: Lovely, brightly coloured, chunky pieces


  • Pieces large enough for small hands
  • Well laid out instruction books
  • Complicated enough to present a good challenge to 8 year old
  • Excellent alternative to Lego and a starter set to normal Meccano


  • The tyres on the smaller model were slightly too loose, but didn’t reduce enjoyment of playing with it

Value for money? I would pay approx £20 to £25 for the larger model and up to £10 for the smaller

Overall Reaction: These models certainly provide a great entry into Meccano.  My 8 year old son, who has struggled slightly in the past with the smaller sized pieces of normal Meccano, found these sets much more manageable and built both of them with limited help.  The models are quite robust and the cheery, changeable stickers for their eyes add another element of play.

I believe younger children would require much more support to construct but would enjoy using the tools included to help to build.  They definitely encourage the development of hand/eye co-ordination, following instructions and attention to detail, and then support imaginative play with the completed models.

Lovely models, and I’m certainly looking out for others in the collection and would buy for presents for friends’ children.


By Karen


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