JML Shoes Under

JML Shoes Under

Price: £9.99

Available from: Homebase, Tescos, Superdrug, Wilkinsons, Asda, Focus, Boots, Makro, Argos, Debenhams, Robert Dyas, TJ Hughs and Range stores.

Initital Reaction: So compact in the box and a great idea.

Pros: Great if you don’t have a lot of wardrobe space, really handy to keep pairs of shoes together instead of scrabbling about for the missing shoe, easy to keep clean and lift out to hoover under.

Cons: It doesn’t fit my huge heeled shoes easily (but I managed at a squeeze) or if you have a lot of  boots.

Value for Money: Great value for money.

Overall reaction: When I got asked to review this product I was excited as we were in the process of moving rooms in our house and my wardrobe space was about to be halved. When I received it it was just in time for the day we moved in, and I was able to throw my shoes in it easily, all except my heels. I have a lot of platform style 6 inch heeled shoes which I’m sure its not designed for but at a squeeze I managed to get most of them in. For men’s shoes this would be amazing too as they’ll all trainers and flat soled shoes. My wardrobe is now super organised for the first time ever and my shoes are easy to find. No scrabbling around for pairs when I need to lay my hands on them. Its the perfect size for my wardrobe floor too and  believe me its a small space. It fits 12 pairs of shoes so if you were buying for under a bed you could fit a few of them and what better excuse to buy more shoes?

by Julie

2 thoughts on “JML Shoes Under

  1. Annie

    I am confused. How come this is such a good product review? I have been researching and all the others said it was poor.
    Is this a different product that a similar one advertised?


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