Boots Alternatives Hayfever Relief

Product: Boots Alternatives Hayfever Relief

Price: £4.70 -72 Tablets

Available From : Boots Pharmacy

Suitable From: As soon as children can take tablets although they are able to be chewed or sucked so not hard to swallow

Initital Reaction: I was pleased they were herbal as I am unable to get much not on prescription for a toddler and happy to give these a try.

Pros: Easy to swallow as chewable. Herbal remedy so no adverse effects.

Cons: Not as strong as some over the counter hayfever remedies or prescription ones.

Value for money: Fair

Overall Reaction: We have all been really bad with hayfever this year as early at March so I was hunting for things we could try when I was sent these to try. We all used them and I would say they did help although I had to take other brands as well. The kids managed very well on these alone on most days. There’s 72 Tablets in the packet so considering these can be used to boost other remedies and did seem to help I think its good value for money and all in all very much worth a try if you or your little ones are suffering.

By Julie

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