My Travel Surprise

My Travel Surprise
Price: around £5

Available from: My Travel Surprise website

Suitable from:  2 years
Initial Reaction: Beautifully wrapped gifts (open on one end so you can peek in before completely sealing) in “My travel surprise” wrapping paper. Children very excited at getting a present for the journey.

  • Prewrapped gifts for your children to play with on the journey or when on holiday
  • Can choose your own gifts on the website and they will be sent out to you partially wrapped with stickers for you to check and seal.
  • When going on holiday you have enough to do and letting someone else take the job of entertaining children off you is a great idea.
  • If travelling by air and have to answer important security questions you can honestly say you wrapped the gift yourself.
  • All children love getting a gift to upwrap so a great start to the holiday.
  • Resealable stickers for gift if they do have to be opened at security.
  • Good size gifts – nothing too bulky.
  • Quality gifts ie nothing cheap and tacky!
  • Gifts can be used after holiday for any car journey.

  • Racking my brain to think of any negatives about this product! If I had to think of something the website could do with perking up – a search engine by age for example would make it easier to see what is on offer.

Value for money? Excellent. You can spend according to your budget from a varied selection. They seem to have thought of everything and at a competitive price. Will definitely be using for future holidays

Overall Reaction: Loved the idea and think it is an excellent and helpful way of assisting parents when planning holidays to help ensure children are amused and happy on a journey or trip.
By Louise


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