Dylon Colour Catcher

Dylon Colour Catcher

Price: £2.90

Available from: Online and most Supermarkets

Initial reaction:  I’m not really one for doing mixed colour washes so wasn’t too sure I needed colour catchers.


  • Well priced.
  • Easy to use.
  • Piece of mind.



  • None I found

Value for money: Good

Overall reaction: It wasn’t something I had ever thought about using before as I am mostly quite diligent about separating my colours and whites. However, I thought it was good to have the piece of mind these give you and I did use them in my washes to be on the safe side. We all know that random black sock can sometimes fine its way into our white wash. If you are prone to colour accidents I’d say these are a bit of a must. They seemed to work well and effectively. All my whites stayed white and as they’re not overly expensive I’d say a worthwhile buy. I would buy them again.

By Julie 

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