Zoflora Bin Fresh Gel

Zoflora Bin Fresh Gel  

Price: £3.07 for 375ml

Available From: Supermarkets

Intitial Reaction: Great if it works as bin smells in wheelie and internal bins in the summer is an annoyance.

Pros: Spray on and leave to freshen. Saves you scrubbing the bins out. Easy to use. Smells great

Cons: I found I did still need to give the bin a clean now and again as the gel tends to lie in the base of the bin and goes stagnant.

Value for money: Good

Overall reaction: I liked the theory behind this as I hate the bin smell after every emptying especially in the summer heat, and this is easy to spray on after every time. I used it on the wheelie bin and the inside bin after I emptied it. Its very handy for the wheelie bin and does help with the smell but as it doesn’t remove dirt I still had to scrub it out but not every time anymore. The internal bin I scrub out once a week now and spray with Bin Fresh in between times. It certainly does smell a lot better.  All in all its not a bad idea and does cut some of the work down. Whether I would buy it again I’m not sure.

By Julie

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