Penwizard Personalised ‘Your Child and Peppa go to Playgroup’ book

Penwizard Personalised ‘Your Child and Peppa go to Playgroup’ book

Price: £14.99

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Suitable from: 2+

Initial Reaction: My son will be starting nursery in September. I want him to be well prepared, so I was really keen on the idea of a book with a nice story about nursery to give him an idea of the sort of things he’ll be doing.

Although we don’t watch Peppa Pig on TV, my son does see it occasionally elsewhere. He also has a Peppa Pig jigsaw, and I was delighted to see that the nursery scene from the jigsaw is the same as in the book, which he recognised straight away.

Pros: The website is very easy to use: choose from a selection of hairstyles, skin and eye colour to create a character that looks most like your child. Enter the name and your personalised message and that’s it. You can also change the setting of the book to suit your child; we chose ‘nursery’ as that’s what we call my son’s pre-school.

The book itself is amazing. The customised picture appears throughout the story, in different sizes and with different expressions – I was surprised by how much the personalised image was integrated into the story – I’d kind of expected it to look the same on every page, but this is really sophisticated. Your chosen first name is used throughout, with the full name on the first page. My favourite part was the opening page, where we’d written a little personal message – that really makes the book something our son could treasure for years to come.

The story is lovely too: your child is a bit overwhelmed at first, but gets on great, impresses everyone and makes lots of friends. If you want to build your child’s confidence about starting nursery then this is perfect.

Cons: I can’t really think of any cons. The books are more expensive than a normal paperback and the delivery takes a few days, but given that they’re so personalised, I think this is very reasonable.

Value for money? Definitely. The quality of this book is just brilliant. The paper is thicker than your average kids’ paperback so I think the book will really last. Plus it’s a lovely reminder of a special time in your child’s life. I think £14.99 for such a clever idea is great value.

Overall Reaction: I love it. Really impressed with the quality and I’m looking at other versions for Christmas for family.

By Kirsty

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