Quack Quack Moo Maxi Gift Set For Girls

Quack QuacK Moo maxi gift set for girls

Price : £34.99
Available from : QuackQuackMoo
Suitable From: Birth

Initial Reaction: When the parcel arrived through my door it was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with lovely red ribbons. It contained a soft purple fleece , a cow pattern bib and cow pattern burp cloth. It really was a treat to look at so would make a lovely gift for a new mom.
  • The fleece blanket has a hood so you put the hood over the babies head in the buggy and the blanket covers them , meaning the blanket doesn’t fall off as often happens with loose blankets on buggies.
  • The bib comes with an attachment which can hold a dummy, you can clip this to the bib or the blanket. This means baby can have dummy with them without it dropping on the floor. I have to admit though I didn’t try this as baby Sicily doesnt use a dummy.
  • Its all really beautiful stuff and is organic , eco friendly and produced in the UK.
Con’s :
  • I cant really see any I loved this set !
Value for money: It might seem a little expensive however I think that for a product to be eco friendly, organic and uk produced this is the price you should expect to pay. I for one dont mind paying for quality.
Overall Reaction: I loved this set.  it brightened up my day coming through my door,the blanket has been practical in the buggy, and the dribble bib looks cute on her, fab !
By Ella


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