MAM Self-Sterilising Anti Colic Bottles

MAM self – sterilising anti colic bottles.

Price: £13.99

Available from: Amazon

Suitable from: birth

Initial Reaction: I have never used MAM bottles before , they are different shape and style to the type I have used with previous children. I had not yet given baby Sicily a bottle so used this review as a chance to express some milk and leave daddy and Sicily together to try the new bottles. The bottles work by having a small amount of water in the bottom and then you pop them in the microwave and sterilise them


  • Fantastic for breastfeeding moms as often you only want to use one bottle while you pop out , so being able to sterilise one in the microwave without the faff of a big steriliser or milton is very convienient.
  • Anti Colic , holes in the base of the bottle reduce the air the baby swallows which means less colic. Sicily has problems bringing up wind so its great to know im not making it worse feeding her from a bottle.

Con’s :

  • none that I have come across.

Value for money : The bottles are about average price which is great given the extra features.

Overall Reaction: I think these bottles are great. I would definitely buy them to use for our baby.

By Ella

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