Heavy Metal Baby Bib – BA/BY

Heavy Metal Baby Bib – BA/BY

Price: £9.99

Available from: www.find-me-a-gift.co.uk

Suitable from: Comes in one size

Initial Reaction: A cool funky bib.


Made from 100 % pure cotton

Machine wash, tumble dry and iron on the reverse side

The black rock bib has AC/DC inspired design ‘BA/BY’ printed in white


As the bib was one size it meant that it was too big for my son. It would be better if you could purchase this bib in a variety of sizes then all ages could wear the bib.

Value for money? A bit expensive for a bib.

Overall Reaction: I really liked the bib and thought it was a cool and funky addition to my son’s wardrobe.  As a heavy metal fan myself the design was right up my street and did look great when on.

As the bib was one size it meant that I was unable to put it on my son until recently (he is 4 ½ months old now) as it completely swamped him. I found I also had less use for this size bib as I’m breastfeeding my son which meant he didn’t actually need to wear a bib. It’s only recently that he has needed to  wear a bib due to dribbling.  I am looking forward to putting my son in this bib when he starts on solid food.

I thought it was good that you could put the bib in the tumble drier. This will be great in the winter as my son goes through bibs like there’s no tomorrow and sometimes bibs can take a while to dry.

I would buy this as a gift for someone but as a general bib probably wouldn’t buy it as it is a little expensive. On a good day my son can go through 4 or 5 bibs so they need to be cost effective and I don’t think this is.

By Vicky

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