Quack Quack Moo Bed Protector and Seat Protector

Quack Quack Moo Bed Protector and Seat Protector

Price: £24.99 each, or £44.99 for a gift set containing both products

Available fromwww.quackquackmoo.co.uk

Suitable from: Birth

Initial Reaction:  What a beautifully designed and stylish..what? I asked myself as I first unwrapped the packages.  It took me a little while to work out how to use the products, in particular the seat protector.  The bed protector I put on the wrong way round (oops! The soft side is supposed to go upwards, but then you don’t see the gorgeous cow-print).  It’s a much better option than the ugly waterproof mats I have already got for night time leakages.

The seat protector was a bit tricky to get my head round, I could not for the life of me work out how to use it in my general dazed and confused way but when I took it to the car seat it all fell into place nicely.  It sits over the car seat/buggy to protect it from spills and crumbs and is waterproof, for any other accidents that may occur. It has two handy pockets for toys or other detritus that my son might like to bring along, although the contents still ended up on the floor.

Pros: Soft, hygienic, eco and all the rest, these products are something new and exciting.  They are soft, stylish and are a pleasure to use.  The seat protector is a fantastic idea – I always said that I’d never allow food in the car but inevitably you do, and it makes a mess all over the difficult-to-clean car seat.  This catches the crumbs/chocolate/spilt drinks and washes and dries really well too.

Cons:  The seat protector wriggles about quite a lot and refuses to stay put – I’m forever rearranging it.  Could it be redesigned with some kind of grippy stuff on the underside?  The pockets are a great idea but they would be better if they were zipped or had a popper on, to stop things falling out so easily.

I love the bed protector but it would be nice if the elastic bits that go under the bed could be adjustable so that they would fit cots as well as beds.

Value for money? My first reaction was that they are a bit on the pricey side but they are quite unique and very stylish as well as practical.  I’d be more willing to pay that amount if the small flaws were perfected.

Overall Reaction: the seat protector needs some design modifications and it would be helpful if the bed protector was adjustable but despite this I do love their design and the ethos of the company in general.

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