Mookie Scramble Bug

Price: £39.99

Available From: Online toy stores and Mookie Stockists.

Suitable From: 1-3yrs.

Initial Reaction: Loved it as soon as we saw it. Caleb couldn’t wait to get it out the box and get on it.

Pros: It folds down almost completely flat for storage and ease of carrying/travelling. Goes up and down in seconds. Easy to use. Great for indoors or outdoors. Wheels rotate 360 degrees for ease of movement. Easy to push and steer. Great pre-bike toy. Lovely colour ranges and cute design.

Cons: Seriously cannot find any.

Value for money: Great.

Overall reaction: We adore our scramble bug. It goes everywhere with us and all the kids who play here love it too. It’s the firm favourite outdoor toy and so cute. I would recommend the scramble bug to anyone with toddlers and think the skills it helps them develop are great for future biking. Its so easy to fold up and down and slides easily in the boot for day trips and going to grannies house.

The colour range available is gorgeous and there’s one for every taste.
I can’t recommend the Mookie Scramble Bug enough.

By Julie

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