Earth Friendly Baby

Earth Friendly Baby (Organic Lavender Bubble Bath, Organic Mandarin Bubble Bath and Organic Sunflower Massage Oil)

Price:  From £3.99

Available from:  selected supermarkets, amazon and other online retailers.

Initial Reaction:  The Earth Friendly Baby company has kept things simple with these particular products…and it works extremely well.  A plain bottle and a colourful yet rustic hand drawing (to depict bath time – for the bubble bath and Sunflowers – for the massage oil), all set on a compact white background looked fun and different.

My eye was initially drawn to the options of either the ‘relaxing’ or ‘fun time’ bubble bath, so I first of all plumped for the Relaxing Organic Lavender for my twins’ evening bath time. 

Having a slightly thicker consistency than water, you only need a drop of this bubble bath for it to go a long way.  In a matter of minutes the bath was full of delicious bubbles and my bathroom had such a wonderful, natural aroma that I almost felt as if I was in the countryside on a wonderfully hot day with a light breeze of lavender in the air, making the entire bathing experience not only a pleasure for my boys but for me too!

The ‘fun time’ Organic Mandarin packed a slightly more pungent punch that was great for morning bath times, and yet again helped me have a wonderful experience as my sense of smell was thoroughly spoilt!

The Organic Sunflower Massage Oil is a dream (especially when used after the Bubble Bath) as it prolongs the whole bathing experience and you are hit with yet more wonderful aromas that help your little one smell irresistible.

Pros:  For me, the wonderful aromas and the fact that the ingredients are certified organic make these products a winner.

Cons:  Slightly out of my price range but for special occasions…why not.

Value for money? If you have the disposable income to spend on bubble bath then definitely buy it, if not perhaps treat yourself (or your little one) once in a while.

Overall Reaction:  I loved the products but wish they were a little more affordable. 

By Jenny

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