Lite Sprite Prisma Sprite, Pod and Wand

Lite Sprite Prisma Sprite, Pod and Wand

Welcome to Lite-Topia, an enchanted land that sparkles with colour and light. Use the Lite Wand to share colour and light with Lite Sprites and the interactive world of Lite-Topia. LITE WAND Magical colour and light displays. Lite-Topia SFX and audio guideance. Select colour from the built-in library and share it with Prisma and the rest of Lite-Topia. Capture colour from your world and share it. Receive colour from another Lite Wand. Play built-in games: Colour Hunt and Colour Mix. Send spells to Sprites and playsets. PRISMA. Comes with special forest pod home. Includes 10 built-in ‘favourite’ colours. leader of the Sprites. Catches colours and spells from the LiteWand, and shares colour with other Sprites

Price: £29.99 (for wand and sprite ) £17.99 (for more sprites)

Available from: Amazon, Argos ,

Suitable from: Recommended for 6+

Initial Reaction: They looked cute but confusing .

Pros: Educational but fun , can get kids running around . Unique toy

Cons:  Rather expensive – sometimes colour part on bottom of wand does not respond easily

Value for money? No

Overall Reaction:  We loved this toy from the beginning – my husband and I spent an evening running around trying to find the different colours and all my children and niece (ages from 2 – 8) also had a great time playing with it. The different “modes” offer different fun and the children also loved swapping colours between the two different “sprites”.  It was played with lots in the beginning and it is still played with now a few months later . Its great for getting the kids running around and searching for the colours. It is expensive though and i feel almost £20 for extra sprites is a lot. Overall a fun, magical toy that is a little different from other toys on the market .

By Laura

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