Mamas and Papas Autumn and Winter 2011 collection

Mamas and Papas Autumn and Winter 2011 collection – Boys jeans, two shirts and a cardigan

Price: from £5

Available from:

Suitable from:  They do clothes from premature baby size.

Initial Reaction:  I had expected Mamas and Papas clothes to be good quality, and they exceeded expectations.  The attention to detail on the clothes was exquisite, front and back, they looked good from every angle.  They looked incredibly smart and yet were soft and easy to play in.   My little boy looked adorable.  The cardigan was thick and strong and all the clothes looked durable enough to withstand an active toddler.

Pros: Everything about these clothes is wonderful.  They are soft and strong, wash and iron well, I doubt very much whether they will look old even after some good hard months of play and washing.

Cons:  I hadn’t even looked at Mamas and Papas clothes before because I expected them to be hugely expensive.  You can get some real bargains in their sale section and I only wish that I had discovered them sooner.  The con here, is that they only go up to age 2 and my boy will be 2 in December – I wish that they would make clothes for older kids.

Value for money? Even at full price, a pair of jeans is £10 and a cardi £20, and a 3 piece set of clothes £36.  I’d say that the quality surpasses more expensive brands and they definitely offer value for money.  The quality is so good you could keep them and pass them on when they are outgrown.

Overall Reaction: I am so sorry that I have not discovered Mamas and Papas clothes from birth because they are marvellous in every way.  I highly recommend them.

By Catherine

One thought on “Mamas and Papas Autumn and Winter 2011 collection

  1. catherine @mummylion

    two months on and i have found a fault with these clothes – a little stud came loose on the jeans and exposed a nasty spiked bit which luckily i found before my son played with it and ate it.

    apart from that the clothes are still washing well and look brand new.


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