Boots Baby Range

 Boots Sensitive Oil, Bottom Balm and Moisture Lotion, Nourish Oil and nappies

Price:  From £1.45

Available from: Boots 

Suitable from: Newborn

Initial Reaction:  Was pleasantly surprised at the range of products offered by Boots for newborns (and mums-to-be in the form of the Nourish Oil).  I was familiar (and very happy) with their nappies but didn’t realise the full compliment of their range for little ones.

Pros:  All baby products were easy to apply and had a lovely thick texture, which – when I was applying to my babies’ skin – felt very protective.  The nappies effectively locked away moisture and for me, the Nourish Oil really seemed to hydrate my skin without making it feel overly greasy.

Cons:  No smell to the baby products

Value for money? Yes.

Overall Reaction:  For those looking for a no frills skincare range for their babies you can’t go far wrong with Boots.  For me, however, part of the enjoyment of bath time is massaging my babies’ skin once out of the water and smelling a wonderfully fresh and innocent aroma.   The Boots range has no fragrance at all so if you are happy to forego the smell then it is a good investment and for me, a great option for when I’m out and about.

By Jenny

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