Dylon Machine Dye

Dylon Machine Dye

Price: £6.89

Available from: Online and most Hardware stores.

Initital Reaction:  After using the hand dye in this range I was interested to see how much easier dying fabric in the machine was.

Pros: Not as labour intensive as hand dying. Colour match was pretty good. Reasonable price. Instructions easy to follow.

Cons: Only dyes 600g of fabric (ie) a pair of jeans for 500g of salt usage.  I was concerned about any flamingo pink being left in the machine after.

Value for money: Reasonable

Overall reaction: I was interested to try the machine dye after attempting the hand dye. (Please note that dying fabric would really normally never be my thing) I found this much easier than hand dying and so much less labour intensive. The results I think were slightly better, but that was maybe due to my lack of experience with the previous hand dying attempt. The one I used was flamingo pink and it really was flamingo. Very pretty and even though you need so much salt to use this one I maybe would attempt it again.

By Julie 

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