MAM Soft Brush

 MAM Soft Brush

Price: £6.12

Available from: MAM Online

Initial Reaction: Unlike conventional brushes this is made of an extra soft material, it feels weird but you can see how it is non-scratch. It is easy to hold and looks funky.


  • 100% non scratch bristles means its great for plastic bottles, the teat brush is also BPA free.
  • The brush has been designed to fit the MAM range of bottles however I found it worked on the others I had and my sons ‘no spill bottles’.
  • The brush is easy to hold and maneuver around all of the nooks and crannies of a bottle lid and teat.
  • I also found it useful for cleaning food storage pots (currently weaning), again to ensure I don’t scratch the plastic.
  • It looks good as well as being functional.
  • Unlike other brushes it keeps its shape after lots of scrubbing.


  • The brush has a large hanging hole for easy storage and drying, however it doesn’t come with anything to hang it with. It would have been good to have a little suction cup hook to put on the inside of a door or on the kitchen tiles to hang it up with.


Value for money? Although it is slightly more than the other brands I do think the teat cleaner on this is good and certainly if you use MAM bottles.


Overall Reaction: I really like this brush, it looks good and cleans brilliantly as well as being safe to use on plastic bottles. I can see this lasting a while and certainly seeing my daughter through to her toddler bottles.


By Ellie 

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