Greens Cupcake Mix with Jam filling

Greens Cupcake Mix with Jam filling

Price: around £1.39

Available from: Supermarkets country wide.

Suitable from: Old enough to help mum bake.

Initial reaction: I’m not the worlds greatest baker or sweet maker so this was a challenge for me to get them right. 


  • The instructions are easy to follow.
  • The packet comes with everything you need except one egg and the butter you need for the frosting, it even includes the piping equipment and jam filling.
  • Quick and easy to make and bake. Came out beautiful and exactly like the packet.
  • Tasted gorgeous and the kids loved helping and eating them

Cons: none

Value for money: Great

Overall reaction: For the busy mum who doesn’t have endless time to bake or if you’re just a useless baker like me these are fantastic to use and make with the kids. The instructions are idiot proof and they look and tasted amazing. The kids loved helping and eating their wares.  I’d recommend these to anyone and the jam filling makes them extra special. We used blueberry and lemon ones and the blueberry is by far our favourite.

By Julie

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