Snazaroo Face Painting Sticks

 Snazaroo Face Painting Sticks

Price: Around £5 for pack of 6

Available from: Good toy retailers, party supply stores and online.

Suitable from: 3+

Initial reaction: I was looking forward to trying these out.  Ruby loves having her face painted and at events and fairs it’s always the first thing she asks for.  I was a bit nervous about my own abilities though!


  • Clean and easy to use
  • Non toxic and hypo-allergenic
  • Removes easily with wipes or soap and water
  • Good value
  • Great for parties and Halloween


  • My own lack of artistic ability was certainly a hindrance.  There’s lots of great tips and inspiration on the Snazaroo website, but still, you need some basic ability to draw!

Value for money? Yes

Overall reaction:

They were very simple to use, and I think with a bit more practice and confidence I could get convincing results!  If you have even a tiny bit of artistic skill (which sadly I don’t!) I’d recommend trying these out.  Certainly much cheaper than hiring a face-painter for your parties.

Snazzaroo also have a free iphone app with guides and create your own designs.

By Liz 

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