500 Baby and Toddler Foods by Beverley Glock

500 Baby and Toddler Foods by Beverley Glock 

Price: RRP £9.99

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Initial Reaction: Lovely small and neat book with great pictures that invite me to read through.


  • Simple and easy to follow recipes for the whole family
  • Recipes meant I could do either a small batch for my daughter or up the amounts for the whole family.
  • We tried several recipes and they were all yummy, as they are low salt I did find myself adding a dash of salt and pepper but this was to my taste.
  • The book is bright, colourful and engaging which is great as it means I can go through with my son and pick out the meals he thinks look interesting.
  • I love the size of this book, it is small and neat and looks fab on my book shelf when not in use.
  • It has some great variations on the main recipes which means you can make a big batch of one thing and then change it with the addition of a few other ingredients.
  • The book has some useful tips and guides on what food to give, and which to stay away from, so it is great for parents who are weaning for the first time.




Value for money? Yes, lots of recipes for all the family which last from weaning to toddler years.

Overall Reaction: This is a great book and the recipes are simple to follow, the notes and guides are honest without being patronising. The recipes are for all the family, which means you aren’t preparing separate meals for baby. The many variations based on a basic recipe offer great variety.

By Ellie

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