Annoying Monster Interactive Soft Toy

Annoying Monster, interactive soft toy

Price : £20

Available From:

Suitable from : age 3

Initial Reaction: When the parcel arrived and we discovered the annoying Monster my 2 boys (2 and 4) instantly loved it. We read them the back story from the box about the annoying monsters being sent to earth from another planet for being simply too annoying !! Then they got stuck in, pressing all the buttons and discovering its functions.


The kids love it, it keeps them entertained and makes them laugh


Some more easily offended parents might find some of the noises it makes (belching and farting loudly) a little offensive.

Value for money : At £19.95 I think this is probably priced just about right for what it is

Overall Reaction: My children got a fair amount of fun out of this toy, in particular a feature it has which enables them to record their voices and play them back repeatedly.

However I think it’s a novelty toy which will probably have limited appeal before being forgotten

So for a novelty gift this is a good one, particularly if you’re giving it away and don’t have to listen to it scream and fart and live up to its name in your own home.

By Ella

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