Spooky Cupcakes from Fabulous Bakin’ Boys

Spooky Cupcakes from Fabulous Bakin’ Boys

The Halloween cupcakes are available in two flavours – Chocolate n’ Blood Orange and Blackcurrant n’ Apple

Consisting of two layers, a chocolate or apple flavoured sponge with a fruity blackcurrant or blood orange topping, the spooky treats contain only natural colours and flavours and are baked in a nut-free bakery.

Price:  £1.49 for 6

Available from:  Tesco, ASDA, Budgens, Londis, and Dairy Crest, as well as on EasyJet flights.

Initial Reaction: They look really good, the colours are fantastic


  • Great colour
  • Taste nice
  • Look spooky
  • Individually wrapped
  • Topping is not too thick
  • Sponge is moist


  • If you more than one they get a bit sickly

Value for money? Reasonable

Overall Reaction:  I took these to our local toddler group to test out, they didn’t last very long!

The Chocolate and Blood Orange was the favourite but both went down well. These are ideal if you want to do something for Halloween and haven’t got the time or energy to bake.

A nice treat for everyone.


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