Boots Teething Products

Boots Teething Products – Teething Gel, Cooling Soothers

Price:  £1.59/15g and  £2.54 (for 2)

Available from:  Boots

Suitable from:  3+months for the gel, and 6+months for the soothers.

Initial Reaction:   I received two packs of cooling soothers, each pack containing 2. Cute shapes and colours.


  • Teething gel contains a soothing antiseptic.
  • Soothers are a nice shape, just right for little hands.
  • Easy to clean


  • The teething gel contains sorbic acid which can cause local skin reactions. Side effects can also include swelling and difficulty breathing.

Value for money?             Good

Overall Reaction:  I have to admit that after reading the side effects of the teething gel I was very reluctant to use it.  I only used the tiniest bit, so I’m not really sure whether it had much of an effect.

The soothers are excellent. They have little “bobbles” all over the surface, which help to massage and soothe babies gums when they chew on them.  As there are two in a pack it advises to keep one in the fridge whilst using the other one.  Brandon loved chewing away on these and particularly liked them after they’d been in the fridge. Definitely worth trying .

By Sarah 

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