Top Tips for Halloween on a Budget

Halloween seems to get more and more popular in the UK every year and when something becomes popular it can start to get expensive.

Here are my tips on how to have Halloween on a budget:-

  • Don’t buy expensive costumes have some fun with face paints instead.  You can have any scary design that you want then.  and Snazzaroo has some step by step guides and videos on how to create your spooky design.
  • Make your own Halloween mask. You make one using a paper plate or cut out the shape from a cereal box, decorate anyway you like and secure with some string or elastic. Alternatively print off some readymade masks and colour them in, I found some great ones on
  • Making Halloween crafts are a great way to while away the afternoon.  Make some spooky paper chains to decorate the house or collect some conkers and make conker monsters.
  • Make a Jack O Lantern, its lots of fun and you can make pumpkin soup out of the middle.

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