Penwizard Personalised Christmas Book

Penwizard Personalised Christmas Book

Price: £14.99 + £1.95 UK delivery

Available From: Penwizard

Suitable From: Any age

Initial Reaction: What a fabulous idea and great Christmas gift.



  • It is personalised with your child’s name.
  • There is a personal message to the child on the first page leaving you free to say whatever you want.
  • Each main characters hair and clothing is able to be personalised too.
  • You chose the names of their siblings/cousins/friends to take part in the story as well.


  • None we found.

Value for money: Great

Overall reaction: Its a great book. The illustrations are not elaborate but fun and cute especially for younger readers. My little one loved looking at it and I can’t wait to read it to him on Christmas morning. The book is great quality, no scrimping whatsoever on  the appearance. The website is great and easy to use with self explanatory instructions. I would use Penwizard again for sure.

By Julie

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