Boys Adventure Cross Bow

Boys Adventure Cross Bow

Price: £14.95

Suitable from: Age 6+
Initial Reaction: The crossbow looked good and sturdy and my 7 year old was very excited, Packaging was eye catching.

Pros: Easy to use and made from sturdy material
Cons: There were only 3 darts supplied and the targets were on the back of the box.

Value for money? We thought the cross bow was a little too expensive for what it was.

Overall Reaction:  Overall, we felt a little let down with this product, reading in the catalogue, it says there was a spare string, sight and assembly locking screw, we could really have used these as there was no locking device with the product at all, OH had to find one in the shed. The front guard kept flying off every time the trigger was pulled, meaning that we had to look for it before using again.
The cross bow didn’t keep my 7yo’s attention for long, but my 11 yo quite liked it and had more patience with it, he enjoyed shooting at the targets.

By Cherylin

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