Megabloks 70 Piece Bags

Product: Mega Bloks – pink 70 piece bag
Price: RRP £14.99 


Available from: The Toy Shop, Toys R us, Tesco Direct, Sainsburys, Argos, Amazon etc
Suitable from: 12 months
Initial Reaction: Megabloks are a classic toy aren’t they? What’s not to like. I guess they are most child’s first construction toy.  Endless building possibilities, and options to add to the set, this is a toy that does grow with the child.
Pros: Nice compact size, complete with it’s own zipped bag. Great size and price bracket for a birthday gift.
Cons: I’m not entirely sure it’s necessary to produce a pastel coloured edition for ‘girls’ but then I don’t really subscribe to the gender specific school of toy marketing.  However, I’m luck my daughter will play with trains and cars as happily as she’ll play with dolls and kitchens.  I guess if you have a particularly ‘girly girl’ who adores pinkness then this is a good way to get her interested in construction toys.
Value for money? Yes
Overall Reaction: My daughter likes the bricks and they will be a great addition to her existing Megabloks.


By Liz

Product: Mega Bloks Classic Bag 70pc
Price: £14.99 
Available from:  Amazon, Argos, Smyths, John Lewis, Tesco
Suitable from: 1
Initial Reaction:  A massive bag of creative opportunity for me and my 1 year old.
Pros: Bright, durable and fun, these blocks are fun for both of us to play with.  I build castles, he knocks them down – it’s the perfect partnership!  He loves to hold them and carry them and quickly picked up on the fact that they stack together.  He has already started requesting that I fetch them for him. 
Cons: cannot see on single downside of these blocks other than I have already been surfing for complimentary purchases in the range.  I may have to add to the collection very soon!
Value for money? My first reaction would be that they are a little bit on the pricey side but you do get lots of them, they are not flimsy and would probably last for decades and beyond.  So considering this, along with the probable price per play, they are excellent value for money.  You can also pick them up on ebay second hand.
Overall Reaction: cannot fault this product, quality, fun and will last a very long time.  Endless possibilities for imaginitive play.

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