Inch Blue Shoes – Frosty Blue Baby

Inch Blue Shoes – Frosty Blue Baby

Price: £18.00

Available from:  Inch Blue

Size: 0-6 months

Initial Reaction:  They look gorgeous and feel really soft


  • Handmade
  • Super soft
  • Breathable leather
  • Look great
  • Great for growing feet
  • Keep little toes warm
  • Come in a large selection of designs
  • Elastic ankles so they stay on


  • None

Value for money? Average for baby shoes

Overall Reaction:  I am a fab of Inch Blue shoes, I find them really soft on babies feet and the older sizes are non-slip for those first steps. They go on easily and stay put. They keep your babies feet warm and are breathable.

If you are looking for baby shoes this winter then you can’t go wrong with Inch Blue.

 By Carol

One thought on “Inch Blue Shoes – Frosty Blue Baby

  1. kerri dunn

    my daughter had the pink mouse inch blue shoes! they are the best and lasted forever! definitely reccommend them! Just got a pair of the blue snowflake ones for a xmas present!


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