Lynsey Full Cup Bra by Fantasie

Lynsey Full Cup Bra by Fantasie

Price: from £30

Available from:  Leia Lingerie

Initial Reaction:  Felt really well made and the fabric was pretty


  • Fits really well
  • Supportive
  • Washes well
  • Gives a great shape
  • Nice thick shoulder straps but they look pretty
  • Looks great


  • The only problem I have was after a while the underwire started to hurt. However that is probably due to the fact that I haven’t worn an underwire bra since I was first pregnant.

Value for money? I struggle to find nice bra’s in my size and would pay any price and think that its quite reasonable for a decent bra.

Overall Reaction:  I really love the shape and support this bra gives me. I can’t wear it all day as the underwire starts to hurts a little in the middle, but to be honest I would probably save a bra like this for going out.  Apart from that I found it great to wear and it is nice to find good bras in my size that aren’t dull and boring (38D).

You can also get the matching knickers, shorts or thong to go with the bra.

By Carol

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