Fireman Sam Spin and Rescue Game

Fireman Sam Spin and Rescue Game

Price:  RRP£12.99

Available from: Amazon, Argos, Toys R Us, Kiddimax

Suitable from: 4 years

Initial Reaction : This game arrived on a wet and windy day, perfect for playing games. Unfortunately we had not got the batteries required to make it work. However we discovered that you can play a version of the game without batteries, so this is a bonus.


Features Fireman Sam , who is a character most children recognise and love.

This is a memory game, which is great for helping with those skills.

Con’s: It takes batteries which obviously is a problem if they run out and you don’t have replacements. Also means it’s not as environmentally friendly as games which do not use batteries.

Value for money: I feel this game is a little more expensive than other similar style games. This is obviously because you are paying, in part, more because it is Fireman Sam.
Overall Reaction: When we got some batteries this game became really good fun. Fireman Sam spins around and tells each player how many cards to pick up, or put back. The player who completes their character’s set first wins, My children really enjoyed playing and the sound effects defiantly added to that.

By Ella 

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